Stabilization Technologies™ is on the forefront of additive development and design. We have an extensive portfolio of commercially proven products:

UVITA SME™ Spectral Modifiers and Enhancers synergize with organic UV absorbers and HALS to bring you the first breakthrough in stabilization in years. Using plasmonic technology to boost your additives to new levels of performance. UVITA SME™ is green and non-migrating. Read more Uvita SME – Outine , UVITA SME and PLASMONICS Presentation.

The following two charts reflect the new UVITA SME 3811 Permanent UVA for Plastics and Coatings. At this concentration of 1000 ppm the material absorbs radiation broadly from the Actinic radiation below 300 nm to Indigo in the 400-475 nm up into the NIR (near infrared spectra) and into the thermic region of the MIR and beyond into the Far INFRARED SPECTRA. This product absorbs across the electromagnetic spectrum where both PE and PP are utilized globally commercially without volatility issues, no migration or extraction issues and no blooming from films or molded plastic. The product is highly synergistic with all UVA and HALS and provides Hyperchromic effects unseen in the last 60 years in the field of plastics and coatings.

Pigment red 170 Grade F3RK is not the best light fast yellow shade mono azo pigment compared to the F2RK but its cheaper and that’s what they like in Asia ….CHEAP. However, they have gone one step further NO HALS and even CHEAPER. So, the Walmart Model holds in China and this is the trend. The fact that no HALS and just UVITA SME 3811 is providing excellent Delta E protection and good color strength in tinted PP is a indication that surface protection is being achieved by the permanent broad UVA. Currently, UVITA SME is targeted to be put into border light fast pigments to provide for added UV light fastness to the coloration of plastics. Recent advances in UVITA SME 3811 doped product has shown further evidence of hyperchromism and strong synergisms with other plastic additives added for light fastness of plastics and coatings.

The latest devlopment is a breakthrough in flame retardance for PET non-wovens. The additive can be used at concentrations of less than 3% by weight final in the polyester fiber and passes both FAA and NFPA-701 vertical burn tests. The additive is supplied as a masterbatch concentrate available under the name ALTERIN FRP100. Read more here.

Introducing Fluoride Scavenger STF, a unique product developed by Stabilization Technologies to address the special challenges presented by fluoropolymers like PVDF, FEP, ECTFE and PTFE. Fluoropolymers degrade at high temperatures during processing and use to release hydrofluoric acid which further destabilizes the polymer and presents health concerns. Traditional acid scavengers developed for polyolefins can actually make the problem worse as they act antagonistically with fluoropolymers and can actually contribute to degradation. That’s where Fluoride Scavenger STF comes in. It is developed to address the needs of processors of fluoropolymers including wire and cable as well as multitudinous other application areas. By locking the HF into an inert matrix, Fluoride_Scavenger_STF provides unrivalled protection.

Molecular Modifiers™ enhance flow of condensation polymers by disrupting hydrogen bonding. This allows the polymer chains to move more freely in the melt but with no sacrifice in mechanical properties. The enhanced flow allows lower cycle times and significantly lower process temperatures. Added benefits include better polymer stability, transesterification is halted and UV stability may be dramatically improved in some cases.

The Alterin™ range is a platform technology based on modified aluminosilicate products offering a myriad of different benefits:

In polyolefin films, the shelf-life of foods and flowers is boosted by absorption of chemicals given off by the plant as it ripens

Alterin_Biocides™ are safe, non-migrating and proven highly effective in a range of bulk polymers as well as in film applications

In recycled polymers and rubbers absorption of noxious odors opens up applications in new markets

In PVC, Alterin_110_is an effective acid scavenger, irreversibly binding hydrochloric acid (HCl), thus preventing degradation of mechanical properties and formation of black specks

The Zeodex™ allow normally unstable dyes to be converted into stable, inorganic pigments by shielding the organic component from harm during compounding

Find out about a new additive that works synergistically with conventional stabilizers to give polyolefins with greater long-term oxidative stability to polyolefins. This new stabilization system is ideal for under-the-hood applications as it outperforms anything on the market today. Find out more about these new synergists which can give over 3000 hours of stability in oven ageing at 150°C!

“Zeolite Acid Scavengers Show Broad Use in Film, Packaging, Molded parts”