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Looking for disruptive technologies? Look no further! Stabilization Technologies has solutions that break the barriers of what is possible today: DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES and DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES UPDATE

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INFO: Read about UVITA SME 3811 Synergisms with 2,2’Dihydroxy 4,4’ Dimethoxy Benzophenone for Polyethylene Films and Wavelength Protection in the 385-410 nm region and Botrytis cinerea (Grey Mold)

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Read about how understanding of UV stabilizers, synergisms and antagonisms are paramount for successful protection of plastics and coatings. Download the whitepaper Evaluation of UVA for coatings and plastics.

Analytical services encompass the whole range of possible techniques, see the dedicated Analysis page for detailed capabilities. We can deformulate any additive package or masterbatch. We can also determine cause of failure due to for example oxidation or incorrect stabilization. An outline of some recent cases solved are available for download.

Stabilization Technologies™ prides itself on being in the forefront when it comes to new safety regulations. We have proactively developed a range of techniques to identify and quantify all kinds of additive including EPA, FDA, REACH and TOSCA listed compounds. We have the means to detect every imaginable compound from pesticides, insecticides, dyes and brominated flame retardants to heavy metals like lead and cadmium or transition metals like hexavalent chromium. For example, we have just added CONEG capability meaning that we can analyze for lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg) and hexavalent chromium (Cr) all detected at the newly specified 100 ppm level (as opposed to the old 300ppm level).


Our analytical services help you find and understand your problem but our service doesn’t stop there. With decades of experience we can provide you with the solutions you need whether that be tailored stabilizer packages or a formulation based on one or more of our own proprietary additive technologies. Our award-winning Molecular Modifiers™ allow you to improve flow and aesthetics. Other technologies include film additives that allow extended preservation of contents from foods to flowers and a revolutionary new flame retardant for polyester non-wovens. The latest development is a unique acid scavenger for fluoropolymers called Fluoride Scavenger STF. UVITA SME™ Spectral Modifiers are the next breakthrough in UV stabilization. Read more on our Technologies page.

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